Bert 3000 produces high-quality bottle openers and wine cork key-rings, but to keep things interesting we play around with other cool products and ideas on the side.

The Bert 3000 range of products include:

Bent Nail Bottle Opener

A beer opener that removes bottle caps un-bent, and also holds onto them with a magnet.


Based on the direct pull-type corkscrews, featuring a classic brass screw instead of a wire helix.

Cork Keyring

A keyring made from a wine cork, that sticks securely to metal surfaces (it's magnetic!), and also floats.

Custom Branding + Wholesale

We do laser engraving of your own logo or unique artwork (and offer wholesale prices on bulk orders), for corporates, breweries, wine estates, weddings and functions etc.

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Bert 3000 is a fully committed micro-business based in Cape Town, and has been providing the highest quality products and after-sales service since 2013.